This service is suspended for as long as the World Health Organisation, British Government and NHS advises social isolation as a means of reducing the spread of Covid-19. We hope that by doing this, Counselling Works can contribute to the nation and international effort to save lives.

We will notify our room hirers when the situation changes.

Stay safe, everyone.

Booking System

There are 6 rooms in Stony Stratford (Milton Keynes) which can be rented by the hour using our ‘real time’, on-line booking system which can be accessed via the internet from anywhere. Booking a room is straightforward with our efficient online system:

  • You book the room you want, when you want it from your own computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You know immediately the availability of each room, so you can be certain that the next appointment made for your client is in place.
  • It is impossible to double book a room and your booking is secured instantly.
  • With our online room booking system you can book appointments 24/7 wherever you are - home, work or any other place you may be!


Rooms To Talk Booking system


Above is an example of the Rooms to Talk screen you see when booking a room. The green blocks show your booking and the red are the bookings of others. The rest in grey are the available slots on that day.